A Growing Reputation

Anthente was established as a private company in the early 1990's by Sinopec affiliates to produce a variety of FIBC bags for internal use. As our superior quality and efficiency became known throughout Asia, our product line quickly expanded to meet the various needs across industries, and by early 2000's Anthente established itself in the global market. With the increased market share, Anthente grew to accommodate the world's demands not just in volume but in engineering and innovation.

Inside look at Anthente factory.

Taking A Closer Look

Industrial machine.As with any new company, Anthente manufacturing began with a small dedicated team of engineers offering reliable services with unmatched technical precision. With a growing client base, our engineers were frequently consulted for packaging solutions resulting in an expanded role towards a research group, and soon other departments followed their growth.

Today we have integrated our services to provide a one-stop shop for our clients for all steps in production. Anthente will evaluate requests, present solutions, and manufacture FIBC tailored to the clients' specifications to fit their machinery and workflow. With our vertically integrated manufacturing and dedicated team of analysts engaged in raw material, we have established a network of committed raw material suppliers to avoid delays and costly errors.

Engaging A Global Economy

At Anthente, we pride ourselves as a multicultural and diverse company. Our service representatives are fluent in their respective languages and are aware of the different cultural nuances in conducting business with different parts of the world. We understand the impact of politics and economy on the global market and factor them in our price consideration to ensure fair trading practices.

Currently our service representatives are fluent in Chinese, Portuguese, German, and Spanish. We hope to employ many more representatives of different backgrounds to accommodate clients worldwide. We understand how important effective communication is in business and hope to ease this international barrier.

Night shot of Atlanta.

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