Packaging Technology

Our clients are ever changing and growing beyond the ordinary. We understand that in order to provide meaningful support, we must push the envelope in bag manufacturing and design, sometimes even redefining the standard for our clients' respective industry. We are not here just to sell bulk bags - we are here to provide products with value-added service and a peace of mind.

Engineering Your Needs

Whether you are a large or small business, our team of experienced engineers and technicians will create a bag that carries your vision. Whether your cargo is industrial debris, food products, or sensitive pharmaceuticals, our bags are built with the highest confidence to carry your cargo safely from point A to point B. It is our pledge to deliver a product that transports and protects your valuable investment.

Developing bags with Computer Aided Design software.

Bulk bags come in various sizes, shapes, densities, and colors. The range of bulk bags used in the different industries depends on the type of product to be loaded, how it will be transported, and the final destination to determine the local regulations and restrictions. For those reasons, Anthente has a Research and Development team dedicated to designing and improving the bag, liberating you from the hassle of resolving any inconveniences or unexpected surprises. Our comprehensive solutions will reflect our expertise in the bulk bag industry.