Precision Cut

Precision Cut

The cutting process is where the bag begins to take shape. Proper fabric cutting is essential for the construction of a bulk bag and unfortunately is an often overlooked step by brokers or middle-men as "tolerable margin of error." An incorrectly cut bag can damage your product during transport by creating unnecessary friction or potentially collapse during storage. We closely monitor the cutting process to follow our engineers' design to ensure the quality of the bag.

Illustration of the three different types of cutting methods: heat, blade, and ultrasonic.Cutting Tools

At Anthente we utilize the latest tools to maintain and surpass our quality standards - and that's what separates us from the competition. Our fabrics can be conventionally cut, thermally cut, or ultrasonically cut to ensure the utmost precision. The different cutting methods are employed depending on the purpose of the bulk bag.

Unlike our competitors who treat all bulk bags the same to carry anything and everything, we understand the different requirements for various product and material storage and transportation.


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