Flexitanks are a fast and affordable alternative to the traditional and clunky bulk liquid transportation. A Flexitank can be installed within 10-20 minutes, and loading of the cargo generally takes less than an hour depending on the product and equipment used.

Easy Setup and Fast Turnaround

Compared to IBCs and steel drums, a single Flexitank does not tie up manpower to load/unload the container as only the pump hose need to be connected. This results in less labor as a single worker can supervise the loading/unloading of the product. In addition, because the overall weight of the Flexitank is lower than the total weight IBCs and drums within a container, this translates into lower transportation cost as more product can carried before the weight limit is reached. An additional benefit of Flexitank is its wide availability and one-time use, sparing the hassle of scheduling ISO tanks, paying hidden costs for its subsequent cleaning and maintenance. At the end of the day, the Flexitank solution reduces loading time and labor costs, and increase transportation efficiency.

Installing a Flexitank is as simple as unfolding in the container and attaching the bulkhead kit at the entrance of the container. A hose is then connected to the spout and your product can be pumped until the Flexitank is at capacity or the transportation weight limit is reached. The low weight and small footprint of Flexitanks mean more carrying capacity for your products - up to 10% more than IBCs and 40% more than conventional drums.

Additional Benefits

  • No cleaning of empty tankers.
  • Lower freight cost.
  • Abundance of dry 20-foot containers.
  • Inner liner is recyclable or disposable.
  • No forklifts required
  • Can travel by land and sea.
  • No hidden rental or cleaning fees.