Bulk Bag Construction


Bulk Bag Glossary

Spouts - Allow for faster loading and unloading of products, such as light powders, grains, and minerals at a controlled rate. This design is ideal for preventing spillage as the spout is customized to fit various types of machinery.

- A chute that extrudes from the top or bottom of the bulk bag and is as wide as the bulk bag.  This type of opening allows for easy and fast access to the contents of the bulk bag, great for expediting loading or unloading of products.

Oversize funnel
- Spouts attached to an oversized top/bottom for redundant space as the contents might not settle until some time have elapsed during storage.  This feature allows for comfortable filling of certain expandable materials, such as flour, starch and salt.

Flap Cover –
A flat piece of fabric sewn on one side of the top of the bulk bag.  The flap can be tied down to cover the contents of the interior of the bulk bag. This type of top is great for quick and easy access to the contents in the bulk bag.

Open Cover
Tops – Bulk bags with no top cover at all which is application dependent.  This type of bulk bag is great for products that don’t easily spill or require coverage protection, such as firewood, sand and gravel.

Stevedore Straps
– Each of the four loops is threaded to another one of the loops, forming two bigger loops. This threaded loop gives a larger target area for the forklift operator to hoist the bulk bag.

Union Straps
– Four loops protruding from the top of the bulk bag which are then threaded together via an extra loop that goes through all four loops creating a square shape. Grants the forklift operator greater freedom by allowing the bulk bag to be hoisted from any of the four sides.

Sleeve Straps
– Loops made from a piece of fabric folded over itself in order to form a long sleeve matching the length of the bulk bag. This design helps distribute the bulk bag’s weight evenly down the length of the forklift, creating a secure lifting mechanism.

Cross Corner Loops
- Straps that are sewn onto two different sides of the bulk bag, creating a loop at the corner between the two sides. This design allows forklifts greater range to fit through the bulk bag loops from different directions.

Standard Straps
- Loops that extend out from the top of the bulk bag.  This classic design is suitable for most needs.

Discharge Spouts
– Allows for efficient and controlled unloading of product while minimizing spillage.  The spout can be customized to fit any machinery to ensure smooth workflow.

Open Bottom Bag
- A bulk bag that has no bottom fabric which allows products to flow freely through the bulk bag.  Open bottom bulk bags have extended sides to help guide the product in a more uniform manner for special applications and operations that require it.

Diaper Bottom
– Similar to the flap cover, the diaper bottom is a piece of fabric sewn onto one side of the bottom of the bulk bag.  The diaper can either be tied up to the other sides of the bulk bag or it can be opened to release the product from the bottom. Ideal for situations that require fast unloading of product, eliminating the need to manually remove contents. 

Flat Bottom
- A closed-off bottom without a discharge mechanism.  The absence of any bottom feature is ideal for situations where the bulk bag will be stored and/or stacked.  Ideal for operations where no unloading is necessary via a bottom mechanism.

A chart illustrating the key elements of a bulk bag construction - the bag tops, loops, and bag bottom.