Bulk Bag

Transparent baffle bagBulk Bag Manufacturing

Anthente is a completely vertically integrated company capable of providing very specific yarn, fabric, and bulk bag to your requirements. In addition to size, weight, density, or color, non-standard requests will be researched by our team of experienced engineers and technicians to help you create a solution to fit your needs. Our careful process leaves no room for deviation during manufacturing and spares you the frustration of finding surprises in the end.

A Custom Fit For Your Production

We understand that not all bulk bags are created equal and the bag you specify is very important to ensure safe transportation and storage of your products. Unlike some distributors and competitors, we don't push our clients to purchase leftover stock and compromise your cargo, nor do we push to sell an overdeveloped bag at increased cost to carry a lighter load.A group of polypropylene bags in different colors and shapes.