Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Update

As a key partner in the supply-chain of various crucial industries in the national and global market, Anthente recognizes this responsibility and continues to deliver bulk bags and industrial packaging worldwide. We are monitoring the global situation concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19) and provisioning accordingly with our production units in different world regions.

Our office in Atlanta, GA has been operating under these unprecedented circumstances in order to provide necessary support and coordination for supply-chain continuity. As the situation evolves, we want to assure you that Anthente is doing everything reasonably possible to minimize business disruptions.

Several countries have completely ceased operations, and we are experiencing a surge in demand from existing clients and from those whose suppliers have become irresponsive. We appreciate the trust that many are placing in Anthente. We are controlling production to accommodate as many as possible while prioritizing those with long-term commitments and whose critical products are essential for medical/pharmaceutical purposes and daily-life.

Clients are advised to make advanced preparation during these uncertain times as quarantine may be further extended in various countries while others are re-starting. In addition, it is highly recommended that re-order points and inventory levels be adjusted accordingly for the next couple of quarters. External pressures related to ocean and air capacity cut, container shortage and imbalance in certain regions, and dramatic oil price fluctuation are all impacting timely deliverables.

Anthente is hosting bi-weekly briefings with clients to ensure supply-chain continuity and exchange local information of the rapidly evolving situation. Please reach out to your Anthente representative if you wish to be contacted periodically.

Our current efforts are directed to minimize disruption in the global supply-chain of our clients, while proudly maintaining the food-grade production standards. We are closely monitoring the situation and will deploy additional contingency plans designed to maintain our operations and limit impact to your business.

Thank you for trusting us as we focus on making packaging products to carry critical materials around the world.